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The iPhone is an expensive device that is selling like crazy all over the world. It has become so popular that it is becoming the standard status symbol to cell phone enthusiasts all over the globe. It is one of those things that when friends meet one will say to the other "I finally got an iPhone". It holds the same status as a $50,000 a year job or a BMW in the driveway.

If you have an iPhone you want everyone to know it and you want everyone to see you using it. It is one of those things that you walk around work with it clipped to your belt for everyone to see in the hopes that someone will ask you about it so you can indeed confirm that you own the newest status symbol, the iPhone. The iPhone is about the size of a small calculator.

It has no buttons on it as everything is done on a touch screen. It plays music, videos, lets you surf the internet, helps you organize your information, and also acts as a phone. It can be very customizable and everyone has to have one. But what about the people that want the iPhone but will not, or cannot, pay upwards of $500 for a phone? Think Nano.

The iPhone Nano is the long awaited little brother of the iPhone that people on a limited budget who want the iPhone have been waiting for. In the anticipation for the iPhone Nano some pretty funny things have happened. Youtube has videos of a phone the size of a fingernail being referred to as the iPhone Nano and its enthusiastic support.

The reality is that the iPhone Nano will probably be about half the size of the iPhone, have most of the functionality, but only cost about half the price. The iPhone Nano is a great idea but it brings up the question as to whether or not people that could normally afford a full iPhone would not just spend less money on an iPhone Nano. Is Apple cutting its own throat?

Hence The Delay

Apple is trying to figure out the best way to introduce the iPhone Nano and then also what is the best way to price it, and add features to it, without jeopardizing their current iPhone business. It is a delicate juggling act but not at all unlike the marketing coups that Apple has pulled off in the past. Meanwhile millions of potential customers remain in wait for the forthcoming iPhone Nano.

If there was ever a company out there that could figure out a way to introduce a product that could cut into its own business but avoid that conflict it is Apple. Many in the high tech industry are waiting to see exactly how Apple will introduce and market the new iPhone Nano.

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